1950s Technology by Jacob Marlow

1950s Technology by Jacob Marlow


This web page is about the technology invented in the 1950s.  I have listed some of the ones I think are important and have changed our lives.

Passenger Jet – 1952

The first passenger jet was first tested with passengers in 1952.


Colour Television – 1953

The colour TV was invented in 1953 but nothing was shown in colour until 1954. before then all TV programs were shown in black and white.


Flight Recorder (Black Box) – 1953

The black box was a box that is extremely secure. they have them in aeroplanes it can record the information so if it crashes the people would know what happened.


Hard Disk Drive 1953

A hard disk drive is used to save digital information.  IBM invented it in 1953.


Solar Cell  1954:

the solar cell is a device that uses energy from the Sun and changes it into electricity.



Transistor Radio 1954

The Transistor radio is a portable radio device and it is the most popular electronic communication device in history.

Inspecting Aerials

Optical Fiber 1956

optical fibre is a wire made out of glass. it makes more information travel faster.


Video Tape Recorder – 1956

They were first used in television studios and made recording faster and cheaper.


3-D – 1956

The first 3-D movie was shown in  the American cinema in the 1950s.  3-D are things that come out in depth.


Satellite – 1957

In 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first ever satellite called Sputnik  it took 98 minutes to orbit the earth.


Credit Card – 1958

The credit card is used to pay for things instead of money.  It means you don’t have to carry lots of money and you don’t  pay for it straight away.



Microchip – 1959

A microchip is a small chip used in computers, television, ipad and a phone and other devices. microchips have changed the world.


First Heart Pacemaker 1959

A heart pacemaker is a medical device that makes a person’s heart beat normally it was made in 1959.


Hovercraft – 1959

A hovercraft is a craft that can travel on water, land, ice, mud and other surfaces. The first one was invented in 1959 and successfully crossed the English channel.


Photocopier – 1959

A photocopier is a machine that copies and prints documents out also it was made in 1959.


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