FVS EP – AnD – Samurai Horo

FVS EP – AnD – Samurai Horo

Samurai Horo 12"This is a great and very unique looking record.  The 78 sized centre label has been used for this 12″, which is substantially smaller than the standard 12″ label.  The lacquers had to be prepared extra carefully in order  to cater for the surface of the vinyl that isn’t normally visible.

The purple colour was mixed with a tiny percentage of white to create that wispy marbled effect.  It comes complete in a paper sleeve with a hand-stamped Japanese Kanji on the right hand side.

Press Release:
Esteemed Techno producers AnD join the Samurai Horo fold for the first release post ‘Scope’. The perfect fusion of experimental 170 bpm rooted music and techno, both ‘FVS’ and ‘GVA’ unveil new approaches and structures that perfectly execute the desired welding of genres that we have always hoped to achieve with the Samurai Horo label. ‘1AC’ adds a corrosive drone to the 12″ pushing further into abstract electronica.

Samurai Horo

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