7″ Records with a 4 lug knocked out centre

7″ Records with a 4 lug knocked out centre

4 lug knocked out centreSomething that’s becoming a lot more popular over recent months is the 7″ record with the 4 lug knocked out centre.



A 7″ cut adaptor is used to cut into the centre and notch out four ‘lugs’, resulting in the consumer having the choice between a standard hole, or a dinked hole.

During the 1950’s Capitol Records released a series of 7″s using a tri-center or 3-lug, they named it the Optional Centre or ‘O.C.’

It proved extremely popular in USA, and although short lived it became the standard in Canada and gained huge support in many other countries soon after. The advent of the jukebox drove the use of these centres, as it was a more stable way for the mechanised disc handling system of the player to get the record from the stacked cartridge of discs actually onto the record deck.

It is worth pointing out the difference between a dinked record middle and a 4 lug knocked out centre (3 lug knock outs were also popular) A Dinked record is one that that has a machine cleanly cut out in the middle by a die-stamp. Some artists and labels prefer this for aesthetic reasons. A knocked out centre (if indeed it has been knocked out) will leave the residue of the lugs in place. Some collectors actively avoid collecting records that have had this done to them. This is worth remembering if you have some in your collection.

The reason for the OC was to provide the listener with the option of playing the record on the small 78rpm spindle, or the larger 45prm spindle.

As an aside, you can actually Hand Dink Records. Don’t try this at home kids, as your milage may vary. Also, just… WHY?

With no huge surcharges or long manufacturing times I can only foresee this growing in popularity over the next few months. For more information and prices pleaseĀ get in touch.

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