Ownership of Metalwork – ST Holdings Closure

Ownership of Metalwork – ST Holdings Closure

Dear All,

I’ve been contacted by many labels this week asking about the ownership of metalwork now that ST Holdings has announced it’s closure at the end of the month.

The following is a extract from an email that many of you will have received recently from ST Holdings.

“Metalwork & Paper Parts
All metalwork is owned by yourselves. To claim control of the metalwork please contact the relevant pressing plant direct. Contact me to get the relevant pressing plant details”

Firstly, I would just like to make you aware that this is not entirely accurate. The metalwork is not owned by the label. The rights to the metalwork is owned by the pressing plant that manufactured them. The rights to the masters embedded into the metalwork is owned by the record label.

If you would like to know the whereabouts of metalwork then please let me know. I work with all three pressing plants that ST Holdings worked with, and have records of all of the orders placed.

metal work ownership

Please don’t panic and feel the need to have to ‘claim’ ownership of the metalwork – it will not be going anywhere. The pressing plant will not destroy it. I have agreements in place whereby I can take control of ST Holdings related metalwork, sleeves and labels when needed. This is by no means a complicated procedure.


To ‘claim ownership’ of the metalwork would result in substantial release fees, and it is often not necessary at all to move metalwork from the pressing plant, especially as it can be damaged in transit.

If you would like more information on this please do not hesitate to contact Well Tempered.

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