Samurai Horo – Scope LP

Samurai Horo – Scope LP

HORO_BUNDLEThe eagerly anticipated album is available as an extremely limited bundled product through the label store. Consisting of five 12″s and a CD, packaged nicely in a branded tote bag.

Each of the 12″s pressed on virgin vinyl using the following product specifications:

140g Mixed Coloured Vinyl – Marbled Effect
CMYK Centre Labels
3mm Spine Sleeve Sleeve Printed Black on Reverse Board

Press Release:
Horo’ was a cloak attached to the back of armour worn by elite Samurai messengers in wartime. Capturing an elite tsukai-ban messenger wearing a Horo was a coveted prize and in much the same way, a release on Horo is a prize, a reward for artists willing to experiment, take risks and truly progress. This has been demonstrated by the fact we now have artists writing music specifically for the Horo series.
Through the 9, vinyl only Horo releases up to this point, the label has proudly introduced the world to NZ artist Fis, and released some of the most adventurous and truly forward thinking music in electronica from artists ASC, Sam KDC, Kiyoko, Indigo, Clarity & Overlook. Horo gives true artists the freedom to represent the full extent of their talent and it is not often the cerebellum is truly engaged with the genre we have grown from but ‘music for the mind’ is one of our over-arching ideals.
And so we come to ‘Scope’, the 10th release, a full length compilation spread over 5 vinyl 12’s. Deviating somewhat from our vinyl only position up to this point, given the scale and magnitude of this project Scope will also be released on CD & Digital, although there will also be 5 vinyl only tracks by way of thanks to the vinyl buyers that have supported the label up to this point. 24 tracks of uncompromising, innovative music from Horo mainstays and new artists alike, Scope represents where we have come from, but moreover, where we will be going. This is just the beginning.

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