Thelem – Haunted Harmonics EP – Artikal Music (artkl013)

Thelem – Haunted Harmonics EP – Artikal Music (artkl013)


Another great release on Artikal Music, vinyl manufacturing handled by Well Tempered. Thelem – Haunted Harmonics EP

Release Date: 28th April 2014

Fresh off his stunning Petrichor / Grainform single, Thelem returns to Artikal, delivering his most substantial release thus far. The ‘Haunted Harmonics’ EP splits itself between the grime-influenced ‘Haunted Harmonics’ and cyber-badman riddim of ‘Shottaz’ while stepping up the tempo to 170bpm with ‘Forces of Nature”s agenda of agitation and the clinically paranoid ‘Obsessions’.

Haunted Harmonics unfolds like a demented Eski beat with squashed rudebwoy synths grafted to the rhythmic frame as a neon melodic line gets refracted into various shapes and permutations. A hip-hop indebted bass line carries all the micro-level details, till it all dissipates into a sound-collage of field recordings from various places, but most prominently a pre-recorded telephone message.

The Babylon crumbling war drums of Forces of Nature open with snippets of a Rastafari portent regarding the sinners of the world before augmented with tastefully spliced amen breaks and dark-side swipes.

Blooming from delicately creeping pads and punctuated by rudebwoy threats, Shottaz explodes into a bio-mechanical steppa geared with hyper-surreal sound design, creating a constantly shifting mechanism of soundsystem destruction. Trapist percussion keeps things clipped and serious.

Obsessions is a heads down roller possessing the shark-eyed mission to add a little bit of paranoia to the dance. Scuttling percussion flick and glimmer over reinforced moaning caustic synths and hard as nails swerving subs.

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