Music Distribution Deal Terminated?

Music Distribution Deal Terminated?

music distribution deals

With so many music distribution deals available today, choosing the right partner can be a difficult task.

It is important not to jump into the first deal offered to you, but to take your time and make sure you have explored all options available to you. It is important that you ask the right questions to your potential new distributor, here are just some of the questions that you should be asking:

Vinyl Distribution:
What main territories do you cover?
Do you have exclusive partners in those territories, or do you sell directly to stores?
How much lead time do you need for a physical release?
How will you use the promotional material that I send to you?
Do you accept returns from stores?
When will I get paid for sales and how often will I be accounted to?
How much will you pay me per unit for a single / album?
Will you have a say over the music that I release?
What other labels do you represent that are similar to mine, and how have you helped them?
Do you offer fulfilment for my direct-to-consumer platform?
Do you have a sales team and label manager knowledgable in my genre of music?

Digital Distribution:
Do you use an aggregator, or do you deal with the main stores directly?
What stores do you deal with?
What are my chances of front page features, and what should I be doing to improve those chances?
What percentage to do take and are there any setup costs per release?
How much lead time do you need for a single / album?
How often will you account to me?
Do you offer real-time sales reports?
What are your views on streaming services, and which sites do you supply?
What Youtube services are on offer?

Distribution companies vary greatly in their choice of services on offer, so it’s important to distinguish between them and make sure their policies are right for you. If entering into a P&D deal, who will be pressing your records for you? Does the distributor deal directly with the plant, or go through a broker company? They may be dealing directly with the plant themselves, but if there’s only one supplier option then perhaps there are limitations to the specifications on offer. And how does that quality of their product compare with what you’re familiar with?

Well Tempered can help you make the right choices with the spectrum of music distribution deals.  Many years experience in the distribution sector have brought a wealth of knowledge to the services on offer here. If you need help and advice in choosing the right option for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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